Your Jaguar's maintenance needs can differ based on the model's age and your driving habits. Regular maintenance using authentic Jaguar parts ensures its longevity on Windsor's roads and protects your luxury investment. Discover the standard service intervals for most Jaguar models, and feel free to reach out to your nearby authorized Jaguar service center for inquiries or to arrange an appointment.

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Jaguar Service Every 10,000 Kilometres

At 10,000-kilometer intervals, we focus on addressing critical components of Jaguar maintenance. These essential maintenance items comprise:

• Change the engine oil and filter.
• Check and adjust all fluids.
• Check and rotate the tires.
• Visually inspect underneath the vehicle.
• Examine the windshield wipers and check the washer fluid.
• Inspect the belts and hoses.
• Examine the lights and replace bulbs if needed.
• Inspect the HVAC system.
• Perform a road test.

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Jaguar Service Every 15,000 Kilometres

In this service, a technician will carry out all the tasks included in the 15,000-kilometer inspection, and in addition:

• Replace the spark plugs.
• Check the air filter and, if needed, replace it.
• Inspect and clean the throttle plate.
• Check the belt adjustment.
• Inspect the braking system.
• Lubricate the door locks.
• Grease the wheel bearings.

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Jaguar Service Every 30,000 Kilometres

Services are carried out at intervals of 10,000 kilometres and 30,000 kilometres, during which the following Jaguar components are replaced and adjusted:

• Replace the transmission fluid and filter.
• Replace the rear axle lube.
• Replace the power steering fluid.
• Repack the front wheel bearings.
• Replace the oxygen sensor.
• Make necessary adjustments to the drive belt and replace it if needed.
• Torque propeller shaft bolts.

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Inspect the following Jaguar components:

• Exhaust system.
• Examine the Rear transmission mount spool and replace it if needed.
• Battery and replace (after four years).
• Brake discs and rotors.
• Check brake hoses, brake fluid levels, and pads.
• Check the cooling system.
• Door hinges and locks.
• Engine and engine mounts.
• Fuel system.
• Lights and inside and outside the vehicle.
• Steering system, Handbrake, Seatbelts
• Check the wheel alignment and lug nuts.

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Lubricate the following Jaguar components:

• Accelerator linkage.
• Distributor advance mechanism.
• Weatherstripping.
• Brake pedal.

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Once your vehicle reaches these specific kilometre milestones, entrust Jaguar of Windsor's Jaguar-trained technicians to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. With a Jaguar Warranty, you also benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance and extensive coverage, providing peace of mind. Arrange a service appointment near Windsor, Ontario, for professional and efficient Jaguar maintenance and repairs, and explore our ongoing service specials to reduce your Jaguar maintenance expenses.

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