Welcome to Jaguar Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, where the pinnacle of luxury and performance awaits. Dive into a detailed comparison of two exceptional vehicles: the 2024 Jaguar XF and the 2024 Jaguar E-PACE. Discover which model aligns with your driving aspirations.

Interior Features

2024 Jaguar XF Interior

2024 Jaguar XF

The interior of the XF comes meticulously arranged, offering generous space and incorporating numerous sophisticated features, echoing the echelons of luxury. The seats, door panels, and dashboard are adorned in rich, premium upholstery, complemented by metallic accents that add brightness to the overall aesthetic. The central console has a wireless smartphone charging pad and several storage compartments. Standard amenities include power-adjustable front seats with heating, a heated steering wheel within a power-adjustable steering column, and dual-zone automatic climate control. This sanctuary of luxury is further enhanced by premium leather upholstery, ample seating for five, and adjustable ambient lighting, ensuring each journey is comfortable and elegant.

2024 Jaguar E-PACE Interior

2024 Jaguar E-PACE

The E-PACE interior envelops the driver in a meticulously designed cabin, featuring a sloping dashboard that ensures all controls are effortlessly accessible. The cabin is adorned with premium materials, including high-grade faux-leather upholstery and elegant metal accents, emphasizing its luxurious appeal. Standard across all models are heated front seats with 12-way power adjustment, a heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charging capabilities, and a panoramic glass roof that adds a sense of spaciousness. This interior harmoniously blends sporty design elements with practical functionality, offering a layout centred around the driver, utilizing superior materials and creative storage solutions.

Exterior Features

2024 Jaguar XF Exterior

2024 Jaguar XF

The XF's exterior presentation is a masterclass in modern automotive design, characterized by its distinctive signature grille that immediately asserts Jaguar's luxurious identity. Accompanied by striking LED headlights, the vehicle illuminates the road ahead with exceptional clarity and adds a dramatic flair to its facade. The meticulously sculpted aerodynamic lines sweep across the body, contributing to its sleek, contemporary aesthetic and optimizing the vehicle's performance by enhancing airflow. This thoughtful design reduces drag, improving fuel efficiency and stability at high speeds. The elegant silhouette of the XF commands attention on any road it graces, embodying a perfect blend of form and function. Its design is not just about visual appeal; it's a calculated approach to elevate driving dynamics, ensuring that the XF is as impressive to drive as it is to behold.

2024 Jaguar E-PACE Exterior

2024 Jaguar E-PACE

With its bold and dynamic presence, the E-PACE showcases a compact SUV form that commands attention through its muscular stance, accentuated by the distinctiveness of its LED lighting that ensures visibility and style in equal measure. The option of a panoramic roof enhances its aesthetic appeal and floods the interior with natural light, creating an airy and spacious cabin environment. The Jaguar E-PACE comes meticulously designed to make a statement in urban landscapes with its sleek contours and aggressive styling while possessing the versatility and robustness required for adventurous excursions beyond the city limits. Its engineering and design are a testament to Jaguar's commitment to offering a vehicle that excels in daily commutes and more spirited, adventurous driving experiences, making it a standout choice for those who demand functionality and flair in their drive.

Technology Features

2024 Jaguar XF Technology

2024 Jaguar XF

Jaguar equips each XF model with the advanced Pivi Pro infotainment system, showcased on a striking 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen. This system supports over-the-air updates and comes standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity, and a premium 12-speaker Meridian stereo. Further enhancing the experience, the XF is fitted with the latest InControl infotainment system, providing seamless connectivity, sophisticated navigation, and a customizable digital instrument display. This integration represents the pinnacle of connected driving, offering unparalleled control and convenience.

2024 Jaguar E-PACE Technology

2024 Jaguar E-PACE

The E-PACE is a pinnacle of technology, featuring an advanced touchscreen interface, seamless smartphone integration, and a superior sound system. The vehicle's state-of-the-art infotainment is accessible via a curved 11.4-inch touchscreen positioned centrally on the dashboard. Every E-PACE model is outfitted with Jaguar-Land Rover's latest Pivi Pro infotainment system, incorporating Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, integrated navigation, and the capability for over-the-air updates. The E-PACE also boasts a 12.3-inch digital instrument display, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and a premium Meridian audio system, ensuring a fully connected and immersive driving experience.

Safety Features

2024 Jaguar XF Safety

2024 Jaguar XF

Safety in the XF is paramount, featuring advanced driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking. It's designed to protect and assist, providing peace of mind on every drive.

2024 Jaguar E-PACE Safety

2024 Jaguar E-PACE

The E-PACE prioritizes safety with its comprehensive suite of technologies, including a 360-degree parking aid, traffic sign recognition, and pedestrian detection. It ensures passengers' safe, confident, and enjoyable driving experience.

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